What is Web Development

Web Development refers to the creative work involved in creating a Web site, usually for the Internet. Web development may range from creating a simple one-page website of only plain text to more complex web-based applications, social networking services, and corporate websites. Web developers are responsible for developing user interfaces that will interact with databases and other software. Web developers must also create content that will be displayed on the Web browser’s pages. Web developers use various programming languages, such as HTML, JavaScript, and PHP, along with various visual media tools, such as Flash, Shockwave, and Silverlight, in creating applications and Web sites.

A web developer is not the same as a web designer. While the two may sometimes look the same, a web developer is typically paid only after a client agrees to pay to create the website. While a web designer may work directly with an organization making the website or working closely with the client, a web development company is not tied to any specific deadline or client. In contrast, a web designer is often paid based upon the completion date of the website. Web developers also work on a flexible schedule, which means they are not locked into a long-term contract. Web developers can, however, be paid on an hourly basis or a commission basis.

In contrast, a web design company is more tightly tied to a specific budget, timeline, and technology. Often, web developers will need to collaborate with programmers and designers to meet the project’s overall goals and objectives. Web design teams are, in most cases, located in different cities, although some companies may have one location. Web design teams are comprised of designers, developers, marketing experts, and copywriters. Web developers usually work in groups, while web designers typically work in a superior room.

The primary difference between web development and web design is that the latter requires extensive programming language skills. Many web development companies will provide web development services for free, although many web design companies charge a fee. A web developer should have excellent computer programming skills, as he/she must write code that interacts with the website’s database, user interface, and other features of the site.

On the other hand, a web developer has to plan the visual appearance, functionality, and organization of the website and understand marketing techniques and methods. Web development usually utilizes high-tech graphics, scripting languages, and user experiences enhancement technologies such as Flash, Ajax, Java, Silverlight, and PHP. Web developers use these same technologies to create the back-end user experience. For example, Flash uses animation, scripts, and graphics to make their interactive and memorable. On the other hand, programming languages such as HTML, JavaScript, and PHP use fundamental building blocks to construct the back-end user experience.

One can search an assortment of free online tutorials or attend open classes on web development in London, the UK, to begin learning more about the different programming languages. The Internet can be used to research various open-source libraries that are used by web developers around the world. New technologies continue to be developed, making it necessary for developers to learn new tools and technologies. Taking a free class at one of the London schools specializing in web development will help students learn the basics of programming languages and tools that they can use to create the front-end and back-end user experiences of their favorite websites.

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