Jobs in Software Development

 Jobs in Software Development: Software development Jobs usually come once a year or when a particular software is finished and ready for use. You may get a job monthly or the firm might offer you a Berkeley hours contract in exchange for a piece of your code. You should be well versed in .NET code programming, SQL database programming, PHP Web Development, JSP Customization, and ASP.NET programming.

 Berkeley University:

Berkeley is the largest university in the United States. It has extensive programs in Computer science, which are in the form of B.S. and M.Sc programs. Berkeley has an Opera software training program, which has been going strong for over 20 years now. Their highly-regarded Opera II training program has more than 70 hours of instruction.

The University of California – Berkeley (Berkeley)

The University of California: Berkeley is known far and wide as a research-oriented college. Their software development program revolves around the students learning about different software development principles taught by some of the brightest computer scientists and software engineers from this country and around the world.

The program involves a strong foundation in computer science, management information systems, operating systems, application software, and project management. In addition to computer science, the Berkeley classes involve a strong emphasis on the social aspects of working with computer systems, such as Web site design and online business processes.

Norton Technologies:

Norton is a leader in the IT industry with its Project Leading technology that enables IT, professionals, to develop and run Web applications that are scalable and easy to maintain.

The Norton methodology involves three fundamental steps to developing: business logic, user interface, and database design.

Business Logic is the driving force, which drives the application. The user interface is the set of windows that appear when the user runs the software. The database is the venue where all information appears.

Norton’s associates possess a broad range of interests and skills that span across many different IT areas and focus on creating mission-critical, high-quality applications across a broad range of platforms. This is why many scientific community members use Norton and its components, as a key component in their research.


Norton is an international organization and designed its products with internationalization in mind. They consider each country’s culture and society so different that Norton has developed specific interfaces specific to each country’s version of their particular software.

When you register for an account, you will be asked to confirm your address and country. As an example, if you live in the UK, you will be asked to confirm your UK email address, so that the developers can activate the UK version of the software. The moment you complete this step, you can begin using Norton as a global center for e-learning activities.

System Requirements:

The new version of Norton Internet Security is compatible with Windows Vista. The new version does not require any new hardware. Upgrading your system will be extremely simple and straightforward. Migration is done automatically and you will notice a remarkable decrease in your system’s resources.

Documentation and Features:

A new user can expect a speedy installation and speedy setup. The installation only takes a few minutes and the setup process does not challenge the user. The setup wizard will guide you through the installation process. A highly scalable installation is possible and your needs can be accommodated. The new version is clear and easy to understand. It has been designed to complement the user’s experience and look at the problems differently. It offers an automatic upgrade option and, importantly, a user can regularly run the software without calling technicians repeatedly.

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The brand new version of Norton Internet Security 2009 is an upgrade from its predecessor. The installation is rapid, the interface is streamlined and the fraud detection rate is way higher than its predecessor. It has a higher fraud detection rate than Firefox and Internet Explorer, and much higher than Internet Explorer.

The new version’s interface is set up so that the buttons and tools can be tracked for troubleshooting. Suppose the user chooses to launch the troubleshooting wizard. In that case, the wizard can launch itself and escorts the user through the installation process. The Norton program can also deactivate the sharing toolbar if the user chooses to disable it during the installation process.

During the installation process, the Norton program copies many files and folders to the user’s computer.

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