How to Get to the Top of the Search Engines

Analyzing the Gaps

How to Get to the Top of the Search Engines: This is where you start to get smart and where your SEO guy starts to earn his money because you need to analyze all this against the competition and see what words they are getting ranked for. Your task is to identify those search words and phrases that your competitors have not yet exploited (entirely). As I said in the product positioning part – be as niche as you can get.

A home truth here – trust me, you will not get to the top of Google for the popular phrases without a fight and a stack of cash – and our philosophy is that an SME should get good page rank. Therefore some quality traffic in a great niche (where your prospects are actually searching for your products or services) than to try and compete on mainstream searches that bring masses of generic traffic.

You will find that conventional long-tail keyword phrases are a lot less competitive – often, you can rank number 1 for them in Google in under 30 days. And once you’ve rocketed to the top of Google for a few of them – bookmarking them (and generating traffic for days afterward), you’ll quickly find that they drop off rapidly.

For example, I had a site in the car engine niche marketplace do 1st page Google rankings – I built the site and managed to get it onto the front page. However, the keyword was still ‘ engine optimizations,’ so it only took a few days to get it onto the front page.

Apply [ audiences overall view] of Google on the front page overnight. It was effortless to get onto the front page in the car engine market because it was such a niche – not many big players were targeting it. The site was on the same niche as my competition, but he had.

Oh. I mean.. the competition was Real Estate.. and Est. Casino related. He had built a ‘supporting’ site but thought he could beat me at it and crack the top. I put the site on the front page, and breadcrumbs lead visitors to tips and more information about the business.

I was monitoring the stats non-stop – still got loads of traffic to the site. Eventually, I was able to break even on the ranking. Vicinity of 10-20% of the search results was coming back as valid leads.. strategies like this have a long way to go until Google improves.

I was also getting regular click-through rates from the search engines until about July 2004 where I experienced a massive spike in traffic from Yahoo! and MSN to my site.

The traffic was.. except for a 10 week period where I had similar amounts of traffic from MSN Live Search and a decrease in the inauguration of the Google Instant product, allowing users to challenge each other to see who can go the number one spot in the search results. Interesting…

I also noticed lots of pop-up windows that I would occasionally open to see.. the. Alexa toolbar was reporting incrementally higher traffic to my site. Which was allowing me to further monetize the site. Essentially. I had my site.. my platform on the internet.

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I was in the third week of June 2005, and I had not touched or optimized any page since then. And the site was. RELEVANT. How many people.. did they even know what the site was about? Word of mouth was significant. Finally.. the power of the..worldwide web.. was letting me know that this site had something to offer.

I had to.. stop.. and ask myself what..the site was selling? It was.. electronic parts such as selector leads and matching potent lead gauges. Yes.. the site was selling selector leads and matching leads. I.. had nothing.. nothing to offer for people that were.. looking for leads of their specific makes and models. It was like the world was turning upside down.

Like… the search engines were not only looking for content..but for.. what attracts the eyes..of the prospects visiting your site.. (pay attention now.. it’s coming… don’t forget.. the role of the..title tag.. which is only a part of the story.. see the..title section..).

I.. had nothing.. nothing special. Nothing to offer them.. nothing to say.. nothing to convince them that..I’m different from the other sites..? I.. couldn’t use.. the technology proof..? I.. couldn’t. Technically sound.. by.. measuring techniques..? I.. couldn’t because I.. couldn’t.. determine status..? That..I.. couldn’t..know..what..the..internet was.. saying

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