Debunking The Top Five SEO Myths

Debunking The Top Five SEO Myths: Getting to grips with SEO is essential to anyone marketing themselves or their business online: small business owners, content writers, web designers, bloggers, webmasters, marketing managers, journalists… the list is pretty much endless.

But the SEO world can be a complicated, confusing, and contradictory place for people who aren’t used to it. There’s a lot of jargon, black art, and snake oil on the internet. It’s no wonder many people struggle to clear up misunderstandings and excitedly flit around, hoping to score a short-term fix that will solve their problems forever.

Here are the top five SEO myths that we hear about constantly.

Most Recent: Panda & Penguin

Google’s Panda and Penguin updates are finally here! To boost the quality of search results and combat low-quality content, Panda pushed down high-quality content rated at around 400-500 words. Penguin’s counterpart, the Penguin, negatively impacted links in some industries.

Google Search Marketing

A hugely important section of Google’s overall algorithm is designed to answer complex queries. One of the most important factors Google uses to determine an online question’s relevance is a website’s Google Search Marketing (SEM) score.

The higher a website’s SEM score, the more likely the answer to a search query is found on that website, not on all other websites (otherwise known as ‘site efficiency’).

There are several key facets to SEM:

Content Marketing

To create a highly-ranked SEM campaign, you need to have a high volume of unique, original content relative to your website’s industry.

Copy Writing/Article Writing

If you want to rank highly for your primary keywords, you’ll need to have articles written with a high-quality volume. You usually need to have a minimum of 1,500 words per article, as SEO writing rates vary depending on who you speak to and what exactly you are selling.

Some sites offer writing Services for lower than others. Get quotes from various web agencies and find one that fits your budget needs and feels reliable.

Social Media

Social media has become immensely popular. As such, it can have a significant influence on a website’s SEM and SEO score. Suppose a company is trying to brand itself via a social networking site. In that case, they must maintain a positive image and make sure their website is easily accessible via search engine results.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

A website wants to convert the 1st time visitor into a buyer, and CRO is one of the best and most cost-effective ways of doing it. It focuses on getting visitors to register, purchase or avail of your services.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

PPC is a highly effective form of SEM. This is where you pay for keywords you want to use in your marketing. Google AdWords is an excellent example of PPC. It is probably the most popular PPC tool available. Still, you need to know how to monitor it correctly to maximize your results.

Good Web Design

Your site’s aesthetics is essential, and you need to consider SEO when your building a new place. The site should be easy to use, easy to navigate and provide pertinent contact information, so it shows up in search engines. You also need to be sure that your website would be typos-free and use-friendly.

Using your keywords throughout the content of your page will help boost your search engine results. You need to do some keyword research that should relate to your business (for example, “netting a home enhancement business via a Dallas help center”). You then need to have keyword-rich content on the page.

Then on the home page, you need to have a META title tag and META description tag that contains keywords you’ve selected. Along with this, you need to have ALT text with keywords on that page as well.

You must follow suit with On-Page and Off-Page strategies to get top listings in the search engines. If you fail either of these two strategies, then it will be very tough for you to get listed in the search engines.

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